Keep Your Garage Door in Working Order

Keep Your Garage Door in Working Order

Keep your door in perfect alignment with garage door maintenance in Fort Worth, TX

Your garage door requires regular care to stay in good operating condition. If you want to avoid severe, costly issues with your garage door, it's time to contact Pacific Garage Doors LLC. We complete garage door tuneups for clients in Fort Worth, TX.

You can expect us to conduct a 25-point safety inspection of the door panels, springs, sensors, safety release, hardware, track and any other moving parts. We'll spot any potential issues, so you can address them before they become bigger problems. Make a garage door tuneup appointment with us today.

How to tell it's time for a tuneup

Don't wait too long to give your garage door the attention it needs. It's time to schedule a garage door tuneup when you notice...

  • The door is off its tracks
  • The door is jammed
  • The cables have snapped
  • The opener is straining
  • The door is noisier than normal
  • The springs are faulty
  • The door opens unexpectedly or reverses
Having these issues tuned up can minimize wear and tear on the door's mechanical and electrical components. That way, your garage door can continue to operate smoothly. Request a garage door tuneup today.